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The next COVID

Who could have predicted the devastation caused by the COVID pandemic, especially on the SME sector throughout Africa.


Businesses who maintained resilience during the pandemic has one thing in common, they all invested in risk proofing their businesses. Future scenario planning and preparation is not about being a 'Fortune Teller' or being right about risk events that might impact the business negatively. It is being creative and openminded about what can seriously harm the future sustainability of the business and developing plug-n-play strategies to counter the impacts of risk-based events should they occur.


Multiple business failures in the SME sector throughout the ages is as a direct result of not being risk prepared.


Ask yourself the following questions to determine how 'COVID Proof' your business is:


What are your main external business risks? Ask your employees to answer this question.

Which future macroeconomic events will cause your business to fail if you are not prepared?

Do you have a plug-n-play toolbox should future COVID type events occur?


Very few businesses really invest resources upfront to protect themselves and the livelihoods of their employees against every day risk events.


We have developed a risk toolbox which can simplify future business planning for you.

Business stage fit

Small- and Micro Enterprises

Medium Enterprises

Large Enterprises

Included in Solution

Industry and competitor analysis

We will gather strategic intelligence on the industry you target and the competitive forces your business are exposed to.


Business Model

Your current business model and strategies will be unpacked to identify possible weaknesses.


Scenario Modelling

Credible risk-based scenarios will be developed to a point of saturation.


Business resilience testing

The idea is to expose your business in a controlled environment to the scenario model developed. In this way we will be able to identify critical weaknesses which require intervention.


Agile solution

An agile project plan will be developed and deployed to address the structural weaknesses identified. Priority will be given to those risks which pose an impending danger to the sustainability of the business.

Industry Fit

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Minerals & Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Telecommunications

  • Textile

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Transportation & Warehousing

  • Wholesale & Retail

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