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Guardian Angel

The majority of SME businesses fail as a result of not having access to skilled resources which can assist steering the business through stormy seas. Unfortunately, many businesses sink, not knowing that through the application of sound business management principles, the storm could have been avoided or persevered.


Is your business in distress and on the brink of failure?

Are you lost in the ocean of endless business tips and tricks that yield very little benefit to get your business back on track?

Are you being outperformed by a competitor, resulting in troubling loss of market share and revenue?


Our Guardian Angel package is tailored to support you in becoming a skilled sailor of difficult and treacherous business oceans.

Business stage fit

Small- and Micro Enterprises

Medium Enterprises

Large Enterprises

Included in Solution

Time is against us; hence it is critical to identify and remediate the short-term risks which threaten the survival of your business.

The Guardian Angel package can be customised to your specific scenario however as a standard include:


3-point Rapid Business Analysis

designed to prioritise critical risks to be remediated immediately.


Agile Methodologies

We develop, drive, and track an agile project management plan for the rapid deployment of strategic initiatives.

Industry Fit

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Minerals & Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Telecommunications

  • Textile

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Transportation & Warehousing

  • Wholesale & Retail

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