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Industry 4.0

The buzz word in business circles these days revolve around digitalisation to stay relevant in the eyes of the 4th industrial revolution customer.


Although there is substantial benefit to integrate, standardise and automate business processes, digitalisation strategies should be approached with extreme caution. Many businesses have learned this lessons the hard way, sometimes losing millions in failed digitalisation projects.


Why does digitalisation projects fail so often? The answer is quite simple, businesses have a clear vision of the benefit to be derived from the digitalisation effort however do not have the tools to clearly translate the requirements to the implementation partner.


We have developed an award-winning model, which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively resulting in a sustainable digital competitive advantage for your business.

Business stage fit

Micro- & Small Enterprises

Medium Enterprises

Large Enterprises

Specialisation ERPs

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Included in Solution

The Industry 4.0 package has been designed as a journey rather than an event. Meaning we will take full ownership for the successful delivery of your digitalisation project.


The package consists of 3 stages of delivery, each carefully constructed to ensure the digitalisation project is add the maximum value to your business:


Stage 1 - The digital strategy


Business strategy

We will deep dive your business to clearly unearth your specific strategic requirements.


Business Process Mapping

Shop floor business processes will be identified, mapped and tested against the business strategy. Additionally, roles & responsibilities as well as the systems employed to execute and govern such activities will be clearly defined.


Business process optimisation

Upon understanding your unique business process environment, an analysis will be executed to determine the gap between the current business process and desired end state.


Detailed business requirements specification:

Perhaps the most important step in the process, your minimum requirements between shop floor and technology will be blueprinted in order to remove any uncertainties that can jeopardise the success of the digital transformation project.



Identification and analysis of the most appropriate digital mechanism to deploy in support of the business strategy. In this step we identify the technology which is fit-for-purpose in line with the business requirements specification developed.


Partner Selection

Identification, selection, and screening of potential implementation providers.


Stage 2 - Solution implementation


Agreement Facilitation

Negotiation of beneficial solution implementation agreement.


Agile Project

Development and management of an agile project management plan for the deployment of the agile solution. We oversee the entire implementation process on your behalf, guarding against project creep and ensuring that the solution is delivered to your exact specifications.


UAT Scenarios and testing

Development of User Acceptance Testing scenarios to ensure the solution is in accordance with requirements prior to go-live.


Stage 3 - Solution embedment


User Training

Managing the upskilling of your workforce in line with the digital solution deployed.


Value analysis

Execution and analysis of post go-live surveys to identify the level of solution embedment in your business.

Industry Fit

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Minerals & Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Telecommunications

  • Textile

  • Tourism & Hospitality

  • Transportation & Warehousing

  • Wholesale & Retail

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