Roadmap for Enhancing Automated Warehousing

THE challenge

The client was managing a fully automated storage facility where equipment and systems were approaching the end of their useful life. Frequent equipment breakdowns led to a significant backlogs in road vehicle loading.


Reconciling inventory volumes between the operating system and the SAP ERP interface of the client posed a challenge.


  • A thorough study was undertaken to delineate the upgrading requirements for equipment and systems.


  • Blueprints were created to transfer the system component of the automated facility onto SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) using the LCM interface.


  • A professional engineering team conducted a building condition and equipment assessment to identify the priority areas for replacement.


  • A proposal document, outlining various options and the investment needed for facility upgrades, was presented to the client.

Expertise Applied

Supply chain management


End-to-end investment plan
Upgrade Blueprints
Opportunities for improvement

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