Refinement of Chemical Storage Processes

THE challenge

The client managed multiple standalone facilities within a single warehouse complex, wherein highly hazardous chemical substances were stored.


The client expressed concern that the methodologies used to guarantee the safe and compliant storage of substances were below standard, posing a safety risk to the overall sustainability of the manufacturing processes, given that these materials serve as input feed for the production process.


  • A thorough study on material compatibility was conducted, with reference to industry standards.


  • The facility was reorganized to consolidate materials that are compatible, ensuring they are managed within the same storage facility.


  • Visual procedures and facility markings were implemented to ensure that all employees can adhere to the required separation protocols.


  • Expired hazardous substances and those beyond their useful life have been disposed of following chemical waste disposal protocols.


  • An electronic Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database was created to streamline the retrieval of necessary information regarding the handling and storage of specific chemical substances.


  • Comprehensive training in advanced chemical warehouse management was provided to operational employees.

Expertise Applied

Supply Chain Management
Safety, Health & Environmental



Operations continuity impact

Operators trained & certified


Healthy & Safety Incidents

Certified hazardous storage facilities
Electronic SDS database

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