Enhanced facility throughput

THE challenge

Growing output dependencies on packed final product facilities, driven by heightened seasonal demand, prevented the client from attaining the targeted vehicle loading capacity within a 24-hour cycle.


This led to a significant deterioration in service delivery standards for external-facing Clients


  • Real-time control charting was implemented to monitor vehicle loading outputs within the desired and capable range.


  • The facility layout underwent enhancements to optimize the flow of people, materials, and loading vehicles throughout the facility.


  • Loading zones were set up to facilitate simultaneous loading of multiple vehicles.


  • An advanced vehicle scheduling system was implemented to reserve loading slots in advance.


  • This allowed the operation to efficiently pick and prepare products before the Client collection vehicle arrived.


  • Material grades were rearranged in the warehouse, prioritized from slow-moving to fast-moving goods.

Expertise Applied


Throughput Improvement
0 %
Throughput capability improvement
0 %
Cycle time reduction
0 %

Load Planning Visibility

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