Comparative Benchmark Evaluation

THE challenge

The client has consistently encountered suboptimal processes within their supply chain facility, attributable to facilities and business processes that were not tailored to their needs and did not adapt to the business’s growth.

This led to a scenario where the overall culture of the area suffered adverse effects, and the service delivery to their Clients fell short of the required standard.


The client aimed to enhance the end-to-end business process but lacked clarity on the strategy that would yield the swiftest results.


  • An international facility and process best practices assessment was carried out, employing both quantitative and qualitative analyses.


  • A root cause analysis pinpointed various immediate improvement opportunities, which were subsequently implemented into the client’s process.


  • An assessment of the building condition indicated that the existing facilities have surpassed their useful life and upgrading them would not be economically feasible. Subsequently, a further study was initiated to identify a more suitable facility for the relocation of the identified materials.

Expertise Applied

Supply Chain Management


Comprehensive benchmark report
Stock Accuracy improvement
0 %
Facility relocations blueprints
Customer complaint reduction
0 %
On Time In Full Delivery increase
0 %

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