Business Restructuring

THE challenge

The client maintained distinct logistics resource structures for various Business Units (BUs) but operated them collectively.


This setup proved inefficient, costly, and failed to meet the service delivery standards outlined in the service level agreement.


  • An integrated shift system was created to service the needs of multiple business units.


  • Implemented a new service model to accommodate continuously operated logistics facilities with 24/7 operations.


  • Deployed a real-time productivity monitoring system to improve the service delivery model.


  • Systematic health checks were instituted and regularly monitored on a monthly basis to oversee the movement of the final product, addressing both physical and system perspectives.


  • Business processes and procedures were streamlined and standardized across various business units.

Expertise Applied

Business Strategy


Productivity Improvement
0 %
Total Cost of Ownership Reduction
0 %
Bin and Inventory Accuracy
0 %

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