Business Process Value Stream Mapping

THE challenge

The client has experienced significant market growth in recent months.


The initial business processes and systems used to carry out the end-to-end manufacturing process were not conducive to the demands of the new growth cycle.


Consequently, the client struggled to efficiently manage the flow of materials across different production stages, leading to delayed deliveries to Clients and quality defects throughout the manufacturing process.


  • Extensive consultation sessions were conducted with both management and the teams of professional engineers responsible for the manufacturing of the parts.


  • The client’s physical business process was meticulously walked through and mapped in detail to identify potential inefficiencies in the process.


  • A value stream map was created, illustrating the end-to-end movement of a work-in-progress parts throughout the production process. This enabled us to pinpoint cycle times, internal and external dependencies, and bottlenecks in the business process.

Expertise Applied


Comprehensive Recommendation Report
End-to-end Value Stream Map
Engineering professionals consulted
Detailed Business Process Maps

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